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Who's Afraid of Eric Schlosser?

"Who made the edit?" asks Evan Hessel in his Forbes "OutFront" column. "The edit" in Wikipedia's entry on McDonald's Corporation erased a link to Eric Schlosser's highly critical assessment of McDonald's in Fast Food Nation, and replaced it with a link to a more academic tome.


They Really CARE -- About Energy Profits

Wendy Brown reports, "Critics say the Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy ... is a classic front group for the oil-and-gas industry. CARE claims its purpose is to educate people about energy policy and undo some of the spin that left-wing groups have propagated about alternative fuels like ethanol and hydrogen.


On TV News, the Ads Never End

"Local TV news operations hungry for free content have intersected with brand brokers looking for product placement opportunities," writes Advertising Age. The segments "typically come in the form of four-minute lifestyle segments that are dedicated to one brand and feature a brand's spokesperson chatting with the show's host and delivering the product's message to viewers.


Cutouts Speak Out

"U.S. military officials in Iraq were fully aware that a Pentagon contractor regularly paid Iraqi newspapers to publish positive stories about the war, and made it clear that none of the stories should be traced to the United States, according to several current and former employees of Lincoln Group," report Mark Mazzetti and Kevin Sack.


Shocked (or Not?) at PR and PsyOps in Iraq

After the Los Angeles Times reported that the Pentagon, through the Lincoln Group, was planting "favorable stories about the war and the rebuilding effort" in Iraqi newspapers, military spokespeople "offered a mixed message" about the program.



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