They Really CARE -- About Energy Profits

Wendy Brown reports, "Critics say the Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy ... is a classic front group for the oil-and-gas industry. CARE claims its purpose is to educate people about energy policy and undo some of the spin that left-wing groups have propagated about alternative fuels like ethanol and hydrogen. But John Stauber ... disagrees. 'If the big, polluting, price-gouging energy corporations funding this group of 'citizens' were out in front pushing their agenda, the press and public would be appropriately skeptical. Instead, industry uses the tried-and-true method of hiding behind a front group with a consumer-friendly name.' ... CARE's Web site contains position papers arguing that global warming is not a man-made problem, that nuclear power is an environmentally responsible power source and that the public should proceed with caution in developing renewable energies like solar and hydrogen." CARE is staffed by Mark E. Mathis, a former TV anchor, current radio talk show host and consultant with the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico.