The Biggest Media Story of the Year

The "most important media story of the year," according to Steve Lovelady, managing editor of, was "the way in which the press was so easily manipulated by spin machines all the way through the election campaign, partly thanks to the fact that it was hopelessly hobbled by some of its own outdated conventions and frameworks. And that, in turn, is related to its embarrassing performance in 2003 on weapons of mass destruction and on the question of an Iraqi tie to 9/11."



INDEED – more so than the tsunami catastrophy (with all due respect to all that suffered). Why? Because that story, again, a man made catastrophe which mankind obviously is unwilling to avoid. Another bitter eye-opener, which got the rest of the world on their toes in view of the magnitude of corruption, reckless manipulation and devellish deception all under the arrogant umbrella of smiley George W. Have another “good” four years? Something you would want to wish for your worst enemy.