Charles Koch’s Political Network Raises Fears of Voter Fraud While Leaving a Trail of Alleged Election Violations

True North Research has released a new report detailing the Koch network's history of alleged election violations.

Right-wing politicians and outside interests funded by Charles Koch continue to make false claims of widespread "voter fraud" and drum up fear over mail-in voting, while Koch's Americans for Prosperity continues a large-scale canvassing effort ahead of the 2020 election.

However, there has been little coverage of the Koch network's history of election violations or its role in aiding voter suppression to help aid politicians that advance his political agenda. These examples should be included in any coverage of Koch-funded electoral activities during this election and during efforts by civic groups to ensure that Americans' votes are counted.

Read the full report below or here.

Evan Vorpahl is a researcher with True North Research, where he conducts research on dark money and corporate interests that are influencing public policy and our democracy. Before Illumination, Evan was a Fellow at the Center for Media and Democracy, where he worked on in-depth investigations on right-wing networks tied to the Kochs, SPN, ALEC and the Bradley Foundation.

Evan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 with degrees in Economics, Spanish and Latin American Studies.