Mark Fiore on How a Bill Becomes a Law -- ALEC-Style

The brilliant Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist, Mark Fiore, does it again with another cartoon video skewering the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The video focuses on how a bill becomes a law ALEC-style. Warning: this is not School House Rock. This is Fiore's second video on ALEC. Previously he shined a light on the NRA's Stand Your Ground" legislation implicated in the Trayvon Martin slaying that ALEC deemed a model bill and helped get it passed in over two dozen states. Many folks may remember the original School House Rock! version of how a bill becomes a law.


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Bravo, Mark! Bravo- Please do the next one on WHY Alec and corporations have plotted for 40 years to "OVERTURN the present power structure of this country." (according to Paul Weyrich,- you'll find their agenda @ TO CHANGE DEMOCRACY FROM WITHIN) and WHY getting off the path of Democracy is leading us down a path toward FASCISM, instead.

This is a fantastic and disturbingly funny video (distubing because it is so true -- funny because Mark tells the truth about ALEX so-o-o painfully well!). Keep up the good work, Mark. It helps the rest of us renew our commitment to fight these crooked jerks!!! Thank you.

ALEC writes the laws and we pay the legislators big bucks to force their corporate agenda on America at the state and federal level. The republican party has been trying to sell America to the highest bidder, piece by piece for a long time. ALEC along with the republican conspiracy hatched on 1/9/09 to obstruct the presidency and recovery are evidence that these traitors have a sinister anti American agenda!

Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republic, addressed the people of the USA to warn against the great threat to democracy in the nation. He stated, boldly and unequivocably, that big corporations and the military-industrial complex wold wreck havoc with individual freedoms. With the sceptre of the Evil Empire of Communism appearing in the nightmares of US Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-WI) and congressional representative Richard Milhouse Nixon (R-CA), the stage was set to begin to chisel at the foundations of democracy and ignite a fire to burn the US Constitution. The hysteria was generated by the father of Charles and Edward Koch: the two biggest polluters of air and water (Koch Industries) in the world. By waving verbal swords at imaginary foes, the Koch Brothers capitalized on a hidden agenda to have everyone submit to the rule of the few, the vocal, the mentally unbalanced who controlled public offices and grants. ALEC is but one of the stepchildren. What needs to be done is to get the parents of ALEC: US Chamber of Commerce and other monsterous entities betraying the USA and the American Dream.