Bust the Banksters November 18-24!

Our friends at National People's Action (NPA) are planning another "Showdown" with big banks across the nation.

When Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008, it cost America eight million jobs and five million homes. A quarter of American families are underwater with their mortgages and four million more families may lose their homes. Despite widespread anger at the big banks, they aren’t getting the message. They continue to fraudulently foreclose on millions of families in order to keep paying out record bonuses to their top executives. They continue to back the predatory payday loan industry with over 1.5 billion dollars of credit. This cannot last.

Join NPA, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and dozens of other groups as they protest the big banks in a series of actions across the nation November 18-24. See a full list of actions here and plan one for your neck of the woods soon.

Mary Bottari

Mary Bottari is a reporter for the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). She helped launch CMD's award-winning ALEC Exposed investigation and is a two-time recipient of the Sidney Prize for public interest journalism from the Sidney Hillman Foundation.


IMO, The best way is still proper education at home and probably the small community we live it where everybody 'know' everybody somewhat. I just can't figure this out with the modern living in the cities though.

Seems like those with everything are forever maliciously busting something - whereas those with nothing are dying to create something out of nothing! Mary Bottari seems bent on self destruct, whether or not that means taking as much as she can of America with her, or simply being trampled underfoot by the hordes she can muster to do so. I may as much despise being milked by bankers as I am by watching frenzied lawyers milking every 'tit' of this society without ever a mention from Mary & Co. Similarly, I may as much resent unnecessarily high and invasive medical costs as I do unnecessarily powerful and invasive Unions. Still no mention. Then again, I may as much question the validity of man-made global warming, as I would ponder the logic in employers being in any way responsible for anyone else's retirement, health, taxes et al., or of additional taxes on gas and alcohol, or of burdening the childless through tax deductions for breeders and from unending aid programmes to self-destroying nations in Africa. More silence! But when looking around, all I see is those shouting the loudest for more and better to replace the stuff they've already broken, being the same ones thriving on what others being more creative are struggling harder and harder to produce! So where is their disconnect when looking in their own mirrors each day. Dont they see the products of others in everything around them, including the mirror? Dont they see the value of their already extensive and most likely excessive collection of stuff, with the final product from all that stuff being themselves - the teeth, the Botox, the make-up, the attire (from China?), the dwelling, the bank account, the smile and the freedoms and oh so much whatever? More importantly, dont they see what's missing other than they are not producing any of it themselves? How about a big thought that without all these 'fortunes' they too could be reflected as a plundered and abandoned Somali refugee; without even water for a mirror? My mother taught me to look after things. Any rational being can fathom out that America's crisis, like that of the world it influences purely by its size and dynamics, was not of its private financial sector. That's just convenient spin. If it wasn't, we would all have to include Soros, Buffet and the rest of their mogul-like associates in the global economic conspiracy ... and that wouldnt suit, would it? The crises was borne of years and years of political convenience and protectionism beyond the reach of individual citizen rights, and it is still forefront in this Administration and Congress. Private and Special interests, advocacy and action groups, Lobbyists and Unions from every sector of the economy all served to obscure and pollute the vision for a free, prosperous and peaceful society - given that ups and downs will always be encountered - like ridding Chicago of political corruption, or saving bankrupt Ca and NY city from political mismanagement. So why this desire to continually disrupt and destroy the very foundations on which we live and ultimately need, when Left and Right Wing activism is anathema to any decent society? Mary Bottari, this medium and its sponsor George Soros, could instead try focusing more on adding to the best of America's values, rather than trying to break America's spirit. For, like most self-developed and justly proud nations, America is becoming likely to risk all once again to vigourously defend its integrity.