Marking World Water Day, March 22, 2010

Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day. It is no surprise that corporations have attempted to co-opt this event. One example of greenwashing that SourceWatch has targeted is the Starbucks-run "," which many environmentally-minded individuals may mistake for the official UN World Water Day website. Since SourceWatch first identified the misleading page, now routes viewers to, where the Starbucks connection is not apparent. (A cached version of the original page's privacy agreement can still be viewed here). Please bookmark our new water clearinghouse on Sourcewatch to find regular updates about this precious and essential natural resource, including news about the dangers of Halliburton's hydrofracking process that is being challenged by citizens opposed to ruining drinking water supplies through efforts to extract natural gas from the Marcellus shale in New York and elsewhere.

Our new clearinghouse features information on the proposal to waste and spoil millions of gallons of drinking water through this project. As we note in our article, the Marcellus drilling project is putting the New York City water supply and other wells and water sources at risk. Our Sourcewatch pages include information on how you can help protect the water supply in New York, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Our new water homepage also has information on water resource privatization and other issues. So please help mark World Water Day by standing up against polluting drinking water to obtain natural gas. The UN's theme this year is "Communicating Water Quality Challenges and Opportunities," and it is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of water quality. Another way to help stand up for clean water is to sign on to Food & Water Watch's petition aimed at strengthening America's public water supply. You can also help "take back the tap," if you have not done so already. Learn more about the environmental and economic impact of choosing tap water over bottled water. Please join us in celebrating water, on March 22nd and every day!


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I love this idea of World Water day. I think we in Western countries don't think enough about water and where it comes from, not to mention how lost we would be with out it.