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  • Reply to: How the Koch-Funded ALEC Works to Deny Voting Rights; Brave New Film Highlights Voter Suppression   7 months 1 week ago
    I agree 100%
  • Reply to: Common Cause Exposes ALEC Influence in Louisiana   7 months 1 week ago
    Thank you for your comment. We have made a clarification to the story to address your point.
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    I'm confused, you link to an AAUP article linking the ALEC FORUM bill to the Goldwater bill, but the FORUM bill does not include punishment. Where do you get the idea that they are the same bills? Didn't the FORUM Act specifically protect counter-protest which would PROTECT students on campus?
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    Your claim that he is a hate-monger is simply wrong. To claim that his comments about O'Donnell are sexist, is in and of itself offensive and misleading. Just because O'Donnell is a woman, doesn't mean that any negative comment about her is due to her gender. In fact, the only person in the room who lumped all women into a single category was you. By claiming that one comment about a single woman degrades all women is extremely offensive. O'Donnell does not represent every women in American and nor should she. Women are extremely diverse and strong in their own ways and to reduce us to a single umbrella is simply sexist. A negative comment about O'Donnell is not a negative comment about all woman ever. I am a young female student who was in attendance at the event and I witnessed your rude behavior there. It was you who was extremely inappropriate and owe both David Horowitz and the other attendees an apology.
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    Balanced budgets are stupid. Average Americans don't even do it. If times are good, you put money away for when times are bad. So instead of Bush giving away the budget surpluses at the end of Clintons term with tax cut and unfunded wars, he should have paid down the debt. So when the next eventual Recession hit, there was room to borrow without further blowing up the national debt.