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  • Reply to: For-Profit Health Insurance: Where the Real Death Panels Lie   1 year 11 months ago
    I hate to be a downer but I can kind of see where the company is coming from. Organs are a scarce resource and transplants are expensive with all the immunosuppressants. Putting all those resources into a patient who was probably going to die anyway is a waste of a perfectly good liver.
  • Reply to: Under Pressure, Whole Foods Agrees to Stop Selling Produce Grown in Sewage Sludge   2 years 1 week ago
    Reading Whole Foods rules to sell to them, they have rules for everything EXCEPT biosolids which the exception of a single statement that they "avoid" biosolids which means they use. Everyone keeps promoting their 2014 decision asking with the lie that organic means no biosolids, causing people to eat feces, blood etc. thinking their safe.
  • Reply to: Koch Brothers Are Watching You: And New Documents Reveal Just How Much They Know   2 years 2 weeks ago
    These psychographics were administered on behalf of the democrats.. Be sure to look it up for yourself, the Koch brothers hate Trump
  • Reply to: Koch Brothers Should Return $157 Million in Government Subsidies   2 years 3 weeks ago
    It's clear you have no clue. subsidies are meant to help a company that's struggling or short on cash for growth. the ability to compete is a farce. that's what profits are for. it use to be a company earned profits and it than reinvested, increased workers pay etc, not line their pockets and than turn around and bum money, tax payer money to do the fore mentioned things. maybe you should look at koch's short list of things they want done. right to work laws bust unions etc. what good is bringing a job if it pays minimum wage while a union job pays much more. research what ALEC has done to destroy whats left of the middle class among other things. facts do matter, even today.
  • Reply to: Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution   2 years 1 month ago
    This article is full of distortions and false info. An Article V Convention is a Convention to recommend .. It cannot approve anything but the suggestions. The state legislatures do the ratifying if they can put together 38 states that agree. There is no "threat" of a "runaway convention" as nothing is finally decided until after the convention completes its suggestions. If the delegates to the convention decide to recommend 1 or 20 amendments, each one must be voted on by the state legislatures individually. Where is the threat. Keep in mind that this convention might very well recommend parts of the constitution's amendments be repealed...such as the income tax, the 17th Amendment that removed the ability of the states to appoint its Senators (they were never intended to be elected by the people). Lots needs fixed in Washington beside term limits and budget. Convention of States is the only constitutional way that it can be done. Congres won't do it. Too much power lost.