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  • Reply to: Wisconsin Legislators Seek to Criminalize Climate, Environmental Protests with Latest Bill   12 months 19 hours ago
    I was arrested along with over 200 other Wisconsin citizens for exercising our first amendment rights in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Despite the fact that all or our case were thrown out of court because the arrests were unconstitutional people the arrests themselves had consequences. People who put themselves on the line standing up for our right of free speech had pain compliance utilized on them as we were arrested. We had a 70 year old decorated Vietnam veteran dropped down the steps by the police. His hands were cuffed behind him taking away his ability to protect himself from the fall. This is only one example of the damage done to citizens under existing law. These new laws will just allow more harassing and physical abuse of citizens at the hands of police. These additional laws will have a chilling effect on free speech. They're unnecessary in a democratic society. They are ALEC bills designed to silence citizens standing up against the fossil fuels industries.
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    The law does have an exception included that states: b) An exercise of a person's right of free speech or assembly that is otherwise 7lawful. Am I missing something?
  • Reply to: Heartland Institute Reluctantly Stands by Denial of Cigarette Smoking Risks   1 year 6 days ago
    Much appreciated, thanks.
  • Reply to: Franklin's Right-Wing Rebrands as The Center Square   1 year 1 week ago
    I agree that this story is very unfair and as biased as you accuse center square of being. I freelance for the site, covering hard news in Arizona and Nevada and I can recall no directives from my assigning editors to skew any pieces in a conservative direction. Objectivity is the goal and so far my only mandate has been to present both sides of issues fairly. Maybe pr watch should take another look and determine where any bias exists? I can't find it.
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    Couldn't agree with you more, Deborah. COS is a non-partisan organization. Democrats and Republicans alike support COS. EVERYONE, except the politicians themselves, wants term limits.