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  • Reply to: Gerrymandering, Elections, School Privatization, and More on the Agenda as ALEC meets in Arizona   11 months 3 hours ago
    One of the most slanted, tainted so-called "news articles" I've ever read....
  • Reply to: ALEC to Host “Free Speech Dinner” with Anti-LGBT Group in Arizona   11 months 4 days ago
    We actually have 10 state chairs and many more awaiting confirmation. We tend to agree with the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Jay, ""Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." (source: Sen. Jason Rapert, President
  • Reply to: Wisconsin Governor Evers Signs ALEC-Inspired Bill to Criminalize Protest   11 months 1 week ago
    we vote for Democrats, to prevent right-wing policy...oh, wait.
  • Reply to: Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private   12 months 7 hours ago
    Privatization supporters like Mr. Broad may align with a political party but it is simply to further their agenda. It is not traditional public schools that are failing, it is charter schools that have failed to show any difference overall in academic performance compared to traditional public schools. Many charter schools that do perform well often play the system that has been rigged in their favor through political campaign contributions to both parties. These profiteers then use public affairs companies to draft bills that create special laws for charter schools that provide opportunities to defraud public education of our tax revenue through Charter Management Organizations (CMO) which are privately held and outside public scrutiny or accountability. Charter schools were designed to be a vehicle for the wealthy to gain access to revenue streams intended for educating our children and they have been outrageously successful in doing that, to the tune of roughly 2 billion dollars.
  • Reply to: Convention of States Fires Up Base for Push to Rewrite U.S. Constitution   1 year 6 hours ago
    She was talking about how we DONT WANT TO REWRITE The Constitution but only AMEND it. HELLO ! Where are we really going with this ? I see some of the talk above while touting it's not a partisan issue they say words like "EXTREME RIGHT WING" an awful lot here