Johann Hari on Propaganda and James Hansen's New Book--Both Worth Reading!

by Lisa Graves

Check out Johann Hari's review of James Hansen's terrific new book, "Storms of My Grandchildren." Both describe the Bush Administration's efforts to distort public opinion about global warming and climate change through hiring flacks and hacks from big coal to suppress science and truth. You've read the dry versions of the story in news clips, but the book itself is so thoughtfully and powerfully written, it's definitely worth picking it up at your local bookstore.

Hari's take is insightful and crisp: "[N]otoriously, the second Bush administration started to appoint former employees of Big Coal to run NASA's communications. They blocked press releases warning about global warming and tried to stop Hansen from giving interviews. One of the appointees explained his job was to "make the President look good." When Hansen argued back, they cut his research budget by 20 percent. Hansen said he had a duty to speak out because the first line of NASA's mission statement is a pledge "to understand and protect our home planet"—so the Bush appointees deleted the commitment. Yes: They erased the commitment to protect planet Earth. (An independent investigation by the Inspector General later confirmed all this.) Most scientists would have backed down or given up. Hansen didn't—and from his prickly prose, you can tell why."


Am I missing it? Where is the review? Are you linking to it?

Sorry about that Mark! It's imbedded in the Salon hyperlink but got deleted from the body of the story. Here it is []. I will make it more prominent in the piece. Thanks for letting me know! Lisa

May the Gods bless James Hansen - he needs all the help he can get. History will not view the captains of industry kindly as they continue to trash the planet. I trust these captains of industry adopt the "Precautionary Principle" (of which they currently scoff and sneer) and build a fortress in which to hide when hungry and desperate people resort to rampage and demand some accountability from these grim reapers!