California Unions Sue to Terminate Arnold's Fake News

A lawsuit filed in Sacramento Superior Court by three California unions seeks a ruling banning public funds from being used for the production of video news releases. VNRs produced by the Schwarzenegger administration have backed moves to remove workers' lunch break guarantees and opposed legislated nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. A California Health and Human Services Agency spokeswoman defended the use of VNRs. "There is no statutory prohibition against the use of public funds to produce video news releases. ... No court has expressly disapproved the expenditure of public funds for VNRs," she said.



Isn't just like the Republicans to become what they accuse the other party of doing. I wonder if its political envy. The want to do what the other guys are doing only bigger an better. Scharznegger has become the most vile human being with his frozen smile he is going about setting up secret places for money to be saved and spent on destroying the working class of California. He march back to California will be like Shermans march in the South. Burn baby Burn. Our kingdom for a pac to donate funds to fight him...