Kochs Fund $5.6 Million Ad Campaign in Ohio

Billionaires Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries are funneling $5.6 million through the astroturf group FreedomWorks for an Ohio TV ad campaign starting March 18, 2011 that continues the attack on labor unions that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker started in February. FreedomWorks, a non-profit group heavily involved with organizing the Tea Party, does not disclose its corporate donors. The 30-second TV ad focuses on Ohio, but features discredited Fox News footage taken of an out-of-state protest, inserted in the ad order to depict Wisconsin union protesters as being aggressive. The ad blames unions for what it claims is a debt "crisis" in Ohio. It says, "We won in Wisconsin, but the fight must go on," and urges viewers to call a phone number to "Thank Governor Kasich for leading the fight against Union corruption in Ohio."The ad doesn't mention that a Wisconsin judge temporarily blocked implementation of Governor Walker's anti-union bill over a potential violation of open meetings laws incurred in the way the highly-contentious bill was pushed through Wisconsin's legislature.


if you do this search in google, you will find the cached version of the link: site:clevelandleader.com koch freedomworks

here is the cached text:

Koch Brothers Unleashing $5.6 Anti-Union Campaign In Ohio Starting Today
By Eugene McCormick. Published on 03/18/2011 - 1:26pm

The Koch brothers are financing an anti-union campaign through a group called FreedomWorks. The advertising campaign will start right here in Ohio and has a budget of $5.6 Million and television spots will begin airing on the airwaves today.

Here is what will be clogging your your television in the coming weeks.

If you want to fight for the working men and women of this country who believe in a fair days work for a day of labor, here is a list of products you should avoid purchasing as they are owned by the billionaire Koch brothers who don't share your interests.

U.S. Product Boycott List
Vanity Fair
Quilted Northern
Angel Soft
Mardi Gras

European Product Boycott List
Kitten Soft
Lotus / Lotus Soft
Nouvelle Soft
Okay Ktchen Towels

here is the link to the freedomworks video that was imbedded in the article:


This piece really warrants a facebook and twitter link did I miss it? Please make it easy to share this important info the url is too long to tweet. Thanks.

Yes, they are guilty of funding many conservative organizations, and many Neo-conservative institutions. But then what about all the funding that goes to the Left Wing??? We will get nowhere with this left-right paradigm thinking!!! Snap out of it!!! It's not 'union busting' it's 'Public' union busting, and its been needed for along time! It's just unfortunate that it has to happen now when everybody is suffering because of Both parties Neo-Liberal agenda. Get some knowledge, and stop the ignorance!

Interesting pair of sentences. Try reversing their order:


We will get nowhere with this left-right paradigm thinking!!!"


But then what about all the funding that goes to the Left Wing???"

Sounds like you haven't snapped out of it yourself.

It's not 'union busting' it's 'Public' union busting...

Actually it's total union busting, with public employee unions the target of the moment because the right-wing generalized anti-government ragging has made them the most visible and the most vulnerable. Once they're gone, there will be nothing left standing between the private sector unions and the corporate lords who want to be rid of them.

Also, the distinction between public- and private-sector unions is a false distinction. They're both groups comprised of citizens. Hurting teachers' quality of life and ability to do their jobs is no less offensive or unconstitutional than hurting a Wal-Mart employee. To say that this is 'needed' is to ignore historical context and reality altogether.