Blair Son To Learn PR, U.S. Politics

Reuters reports that British Prime Minister "Tony Blair's eldest son Euan is to gain work experience with financial public relations company Finsbury." Finsbury, which is owned by the WPP advertising firm, offers "corporate strategic advice, UK and cross-border mergers and acquisitions,


The Ethics Truce Lives On

Republican congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham recently resigned after pleading guilty to graft and tearfully admitting that he took $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors, prompting an interesting question from Joshua Micah Marshall: "How did Duke Cunningham manage to get so far entangled in an ethics mess that he had to plead guilty to federal charges of accepting bribes without anyone re


One Step Forward (But Two Back) in the Fight Against Fake News

"Myself and others felt violated by the first bill," said Doug Simon, the founder, president and CEO of D S Simon Productions, a major producer of the faux television news reports known as video news releases (VNRs).

Doug (Pee Wee) SimonSimon was referring to the Truth in Broadcasting Act (S 967). In its original incarnation, this bill would have required a "conspicuous" disclosure to accompany any government-produced or -funded prepackaged VNR or the radio equivalent, an audio news release (ANR).

Bush Breaks 40

For the first time in his presidency, George W. Bush has an approval rating below 40 percent, according to a new CBS News opinion poll. Also, "Sixty-nine percent of Americans say things in the United States are pretty seriously off on the wrong track—the highest number since CBS News started asking the question in 1983. ... And for the first time in this poll, fewer than half the public approves of the way he is handling the campaign against terrorism."


The Wave of the Future: From Tragedy to Far-Reaching Policy, in Less Than a Month

"Maybe something good can come from this hurricane," Senator Lindsey Graham (R - S.C.) told FOX News Sunday's Chris Wallace on September 18th.

Graham and Wallace were discussing the "torrent of federal spending" on relief and reconstruction projects in the Gulf coast states devastated by Hurricane Katrina that is "just exploding the deficit" (both Wallace's phrases). The Senator was advocating for budget cuts to balance the disaster spending, which is expected to total as much as $200 billion.


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