Government PR Dominates Washington Coverage, Says Veteran Reporter Pincus

Reflecting on his 50 years of reporting Washington politics, Washington Post journalist, Walter Pincus, notes that media coverage has "become dominated by increasingly sophisticated public relations practitioners, primarily in the White House and other agencies of government." Writing in an edition of the Nieman Reports on the theme of "journalistic courage", Pincus argues that "journalistic courage should include the refusal to publish in a newspaper or carry on a TV or radio news show any state


When Newspapers Fall for Political "Drops"

"Next time you see an 'exclusive' tag on a story about state politics, stop and have a closer look. The chances are that the story, far from being a feat of journalistic endeavor, is what we call in the trade 'a drop,'" writes Anne Davies in the Sydney Morning Herald. "You'll be able to tell it's a drop because it's likely to quote one side of politics only. This is often a condition of the drop." Drops, especially those in Sunday papers, help politicians influence the week's media agenda.


Republicans Plot Pro-War Strategy to Win in November

The New York Times reports that Republicans are strongly embracing the Bush Administration's war in Iraq in "an effort to turn what some party leaders had feared could become the party's greatest liability into an advantage in the midterm elections." In a strategy meeting "White House officials including the national security adviser, Step


New additions to Congresspedia

It's been a busy week on Congresspedia. New additions to the site include:

Also well worth checking out is the muckraking action over at the Sunlight Foundation blogs. The new Congresspedia article contributions include:


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