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Swift Boating John McCain

"A shadowy group calling itself Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain has been busy," reports Kevin Connolly, "handing out flyers implying that in Mr. McCain's long spell as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, during which he was tortured, he gave information to America's enemy. The evidence? Well, there isn't any. It's a straightforward attempt to take one of Mr.


The White House Appreciates Bloggers Who Regurgitate

In an interview with Texas Monthly, former White House counselor Dan Bartlett complains that many reporters are overly critical of President Bush. "White House correspondents have been tagged, unfairly, with not being tough enough on the administration and President Bush in the run-up to the [Iraq] war. ...


Wolfowitz Rides Again with Bush/Cheney

Bill Berkowitz reports that Paul Wolfowitz "has been offered a position as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board -- formerly known as the Arms Control and Nonproliferation Advisory Board -- a prestigious State Department


Pro-Life Groups Scrambling to Get Egg-Rights Amendments onto State Ballots

An anti-abortion group, Colorado for Equal Rights, is gathering signatures to get a constitutional amendment on the 2008 statewide ballot. The amendment, called the "Definition of a Person Act," would confer full legal rights upon fertilized human embryos. Other anti-abortion groups are simultaneously advancing similar measures in other states under different names.


Roving Reporter

Former Bush administration political advisor Karl Rove has signed on as a columnist for Newsweek magazine, with his first column titled "How to Beat Hillary (Next) November." Charles Kaiser notes the irony in Rove's decision to join the mainstream media: "In public, Rove is one of dozens of conservatives who assiduously bash the press.


Fine-Tuning the Sell Job for the Next War

Source: army-technology.com"The basis of the whole thing was, 'we're going to go into Iran and what do we have to do to get you guys to go along with it,'" said Laura Sonnenmark, a participant in a recent focus group apparently funded by the Republican-associated lobbying group Freedom's Watch



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