Charles Koch’s Political Network Raises Fears of Voter Fraud While Leaving a Trail of Alleged Election Violations

True North Research has released a new report detailing the Koch network's history of alleged election violations.

Right-wing politicians and outside interests funded by Charles Koch continue to make false claims of widespread "voter fraud" and drum up fear over mail-in voting, while Koch's Americans for Prosperity continues a large-scale canvassing effort ahead of the 2020 election.

Snapshot of Secret Funding of Amicus Briefs Tied to Leonard Leo–Federalist Society Leader, Promoter of Amy Barrett

A new review of grant documents, first published on the dark web, provides a snapshot of how groups tied to Leonard Leo–the man who put Amy Barrett on President Trump's list for the Supreme Court–have been secretly funded to file briefs with the Supreme Court to overturn U.S. laws, including the Affordable Care Act.


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