Hill & Knowlton Spins Repression

The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Maldives, Ahmed Shaheed, has confirmed that Hill & Knowlton is still helping the government polish its image. "They are observing political advancements and other changes. They occasionally check these things," said Shaheed. "They are doing several reviews for the government. ...


Ketchum Lands Contract To Polish Russia's Image

The Russian government has signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Washington office of the PR company Ketchum and its Brussels-based sibling, GPlus Europe. The Financial Times reports that the contract is "to improve the presentation of Russia's presidency of the Group of Eight leading nations." Last week, U.S.


Old-Style Repression under 'New Maldives' Makeover

A Maldives news service criticizes the 'New Maldives' project launched by President Gayoom in October 2005 as "nothing more than an image make-over for an unpopular and authoritarian regime." The editorial notes that the opposition political party, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), has highlighted contradictions between the government's words and actions, including "government rhetoric over judicial reform while MDP Chairperson Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) is refused a fair trial" and "assertions over press freedom, while the Police Chief harasses foreign-based journalists." For several year



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