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On NFIB Conference Call, Romney Urges Employers to Tell Employees How to Vote, Just Like the Kochs

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested to business owners they tell their employees how to vote on a June conference call organized by the National Federation for Independent Business (NFIB), an organization the Center for Media and Democracy has recently exposed as a partisan lobbying group advancing big business interests.

Index of PRWatch Articles About ALEC

The Center for Media and Democracy publishes news stories about the American Legislative Exchange Council, its corporate funders and policymakers, and its allied special interest groups, like the American City County Exchange and the State Policy Network with affiliates in states across the country here on A list of CMD's reporting on ALEC is provided below.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Ruling May Lead to Confusion at Polls

A Pennsylvania court has found that the state's American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)-inspired voter ID law would likely disenfranchise voters and partially blocked its enforcement for the November 2012 election. Ballots cast by voters who do not have ID will still be counted, but the state will still be able to ask for identification and run ads telling voters to obtain ID before election day, potentially leading to confusion at the polls.


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