Americans for Prosperity Runs Deceptive Robo-Calls

Payday lenderAmericans for Prosperity North Carolina is running deceptive robo-calls in predominantly African-American voting districts in North Carolina to try and drum up support for House Bill 810, a measure that loosens regulations on payday lenders and that is backed by financial interests. In the call, a woman identifies herself as "Joan with Americans for Prosperity North Carolina." "Joan" then tells call recipients they can "help create local jobs by supporting hometown lenders" by contacting Democratic House Representative Winkie Wilkins and asking him to support HB 810. "Joan" says the HB 810 will help "hometown lenders" and increase access to credit for "small businesses and families." The call does not mention that the bill raises the amount of interest lenders can charge on small loans from 25 to 36 percent, and provides for new fees and other measures that increase lender profits. The Center for Responsible Lending finds that the additional interest would cost North Carolina consumers between $50 million and $70 million, and that two thirds of that amount would accrue to CitiFinancial and American General, two big financial companies that have already received federal bailout money.


Don't ever take out a PayDay loan unless it's a matter or life or death! I took one out for $1,500 and it took me an entire year to pay off because the interest rate is so high! If you are really going to pay it all back on the day you get your paycheck, it isn't a horrible idea, but if you let it accrue some interest, you'll end up regretting it pretty quickly. I unfortunately defaulted on mine which really messed up my credit score. I've had to work pretty diligently with some do-it-yourself credit repair strategies to get my financial life on track. The loan is finally paid off and the collection agency can't harass me anymore, so things are looking up! —Darnell