New Changes for CMD's "Weekly Spin"

This month the Center for Media and Democracy will be making some great improvements to our free newsletter and email information service. We will also be changing the name from the "Weekly Spin" to "The Spin."

In the new format we will be introducing over the next few weeks, The Spin will feature more of our original reporting on issues involving PR campaigns and spin about national important issues. Rather than include long excerpts from all of the news stories and short "spin" articles we are writing, The Spin will highlight the top headlines and include quick links to all of our reporting. The Spin will be published every other week, allowing our team of writers more time for in-depth coverage of issues. And, in the interlude between editions of The Spin, we will be sending out email alerts on breaking news or actions our readers can take in response to issues that are arising. We will also be featuring more of the articles being created through SourceWatch, which tracks the global corporations and their efforts to change the law to favor their financial interests.

The whole team at CMD thanks you for your continued support for our award-winning coverage of issues affecting the media and our democracy, including PR spin on an array of issues, including health reform, financial reform, the environment, national security, and consumer rights.



I hope feedback imporves to. MY idea of the internet is swift sharing of ideas and action, and this invlves feedback. There is no excuse not to make an effort. There is not paper and evelope lickin of stamp and trip to the post box, just type and click

A while ago you had a blog about how the cigarrete comapnies are targeting children in the '3rd world' and even putting cartoons on the pakts. I wanted more sources, and dropped a comment but just got ignored.

If I had got sources I would have done a blog myself about it. I am VERY against pushing tobacco on children!

Dear Juliano--
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I did not receive your request or I would have endeavored to get back to you with the information you seek. I am going to ask our Managing Editor Anne Landman to get you the links you are seeking.
Thank you for not giving up and raising this with me! Lisa