Opt-Out Day Promotion: Let TSA Touch You, Win an IPod Touch

TSA CheckpointThe mobile app developer Loopt is running a promotion aimed at encouraging Thanksgiving holiday fliers to participate in National TSA Opt-Out Day on Wednesday, November 24. The prize? A free I-Pod Touch for travelers who refuse the backscatter X-Ray scanning machines and opt for the controversial, aggressive pat-down search instead. Loopt is a social-mapping service that lets you use the location of your phone to find out where your friends are, what they're doing, tell them about places and events around you, share directions, photos and more. The company is instructing travelers to check into the airport using Loopt on Wednesday, November 24 on an IPhone, IPod Touch or Android, type in a brief description of their TSA experience and send the message to Twitter using the hashtag #touchedbyTSA. Lucky participate may win an IPod Touch. Loopt is giving away ten of the units free.


Rock Hard Rebellion

Friends of mine are talking about taking an erectile assisting medication such as a Viagra pill prior to joining the security check so that the TSA officials have something to find when they go for the gonads.