News Corp Gives $1 Million to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, has donated $1 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the powerful business lobbying group that was recently accused of tax fraud and money laundering by two national watchdog groups. News Corp's big-dollar donation is the second it has made to Republican interests in recent months. In June, 2010 News Corp gave another $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. The Chamber plans to spend $75 million to influence the 2010 election, making it the top spender on congressional races of any interest group. The parent companies of other media outlets, like General Electric (which owns NBC) and Disney (which owns ABC), have also made political donations, but in lesser amounts more evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. News Corp's recent huge gifts to Republican interests raise questions about whether the company has crossed an ethical line.


How do the Murdochs and their Saudi Prince get away with it? Mostly foreign owned and controlled, Fox/NewsCorp[se] should be shut down, fined, and the perpetrators imprisoned (or denied entry to, and from doing business within, the United States)! They violate the law as a standard business practice (or get the Supreme Court to make it legal).

Why don't their Righty Followers get it? Do they need an 'intervention'?

The Rich/Big Corporations
get that way

I hate to see Rupert Murdoch getting away with it all the time! I hope he'll come unstuck in the United States just like he has done in the UK over the 'phone hacking' scandal, which looks like it's going to spread to the US due to the way his staff at News International hacked the phones of the 911 victims. We need to get rid of him and clean up our television and newspaper media! The government needs to stand up to him properly. In England he's been called in front of parliament to answer to the charges made against him....