Gen. Ray Odierno: "Troops staying in Iraq to prevent foreign interference"

General Raymond OdiernoWars are always a time of heavy propaganda and prolific spin, and as Noam Chomsky says, this system of deception is can only be maintained by what he calls " Necessary Illusions." The only way to maintain a war based on lies, from a logical perspective, is to keep lying, and the masters of deceit in Washington and at the Pentagon have done a terrific job of doing just that. It is totally unsurprising, then, that on the August 8 edition of This Week with Christiane Amanpour, in an interview with Gen. Ray Odierno, a United States Army general who serves as the current Commanding General of the United States Forces in Iraq, a post he has held since its creation on January 1, 2010, he stated, "A strong Iraq will defend itself against interference from outside countries, and I think as we build a strong Iraq and as we continue to build a strong security mechanism and as we continue to help them economically and diplomatically, that will make it less likely of others from the outside being able to interfere...We will not allow undue maligned influence on the Iraqi government as they attempt to form their government." The irony of this statement is obvious to those who understand what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the U.S. is "interference from an outside country." Yet, in the milieux of lies that accompany war, obvious truths are shoved in the closet.