Newsmax Ads Cast Blame on Obama for BP

Newsmax Poll Ad Pushing Right Wing, an online media resource that takes a decidedly partisan approach to "news," has shown no shame in shilling for BP and the right-wing interests of its users. Newsmax is running Internet ads on Google that push the idea that President Barack Obama should be blamed for BP's disastrous poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico.  Although it is not an uncommon advertising ploy for organizations to frame Internet ads as "polls" to generate traffic to their websites, this latest "poll" is consistent with the broader spin and blame-shifting strategy of BP's corporate interests and its allies, like Congressman Joe Barton.



Y'know, I just figured it was some Tea Party or Republican interest group putting these up all the time--too bad these kinds of things don't pop up on the mainstream radar to put BP in an even worse light by passing the buck.