The Latest Obama-Islam Conspiracy Theory

MDAlogo.jpgThe conservative blogosphere is busy charging that the United States Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) new logo looks suspicious ... like a combination of the Muslim crescent moon and Barack Obama's campaign logo. Some even say they detect a similarity to the logo of Iran's Space Agency. Right wing blogger Frank Gaffney, a former senior official at the Pentagon during the Reagan administration, says something "nefarious is afoot" about the new logo. These latest Obama conspiracy-theorists may be disappointed, though, because it turns out that the agency's "new" logo isn't all that new. MDA spokesman Rick Lehner says it was developed three years ago, during the George W. Bush administration, and a full year before the 2008 presidential campaign. Lehner said the logo was chosen because it is cheaper, since it consists of three colors, as opposed to the five colors contained in the agency's former official logo.