Sarah Palin, FOXey Lady

Mark Greenbaum of the Christian Science Monitor looks at Sarah Palin's new job being a celebrity pundit on Fox News Channel: "Palin is a true, Hollywood-type celebrity with a bestselling book and millions of adoring fans. She may have designs on the presidency, but she evidently wants to soak up the perks and adulation of her celebrity first, and she has done that with gusto. ... But Palin’s strident, conservative manner, her deep Republican stripes, and her penchant for publicity make her a superb fit for television and a natural fit for Fox News. This is not a novel idea, but in light of Palin’s lasting hold on the national stage, it appears a match perfectly suited to both parties commercially and ideologically. A regular slot on Fox News would be an immediate sensation and it would expand Palin’s imprint on the national stage, giving her a place to build and shape her public persona. ... She could easily be paid millions there to do what she does best: delighting Republicans and infuriating Democrats. She could also use the new job to strengthen her public conversational and oratorical skills. And therein lies why Fox News Channel is bringing on Palin. Her star power would be an immediate ratings bonanza. ... At Fox, Palin could sit in a comfy studio in stylish clothing, holding court before America and dispensing sharp political observations and nuggets of stinging disdain for Democratic initiatives. No other major guests or political pundits would be necessary; Palin would be the unquestioned star."


Those 8 colleges finally paid off for Sarah Palin!!!
...and the announcement comes a day after fellow republicans outed her on 60 MINUTES as intellectually limited and mentally ill !!! Really, this is great news! Should be a hilarious run until she QUITS half way through.

When you open a dumpster, what do you expect inside?

The intensely irrational reaction of liberals and Democrats to Sarah Plain who says what she thinks is an amazing phenomenon. Her appearances on Fox TV will enable her to respond to the outrageous distortions made about her by cruel ignorant hateful citizens. How many journalists no less viewers still think she said that she can see Russia for her home when it was comedienne Tina Fey who said that? Too many citizens of this nation are embarrassingly ignorant with all of the media access available. It is shameful that so many people express their stupidity toward this courageous woman. With current technology it is not necessary for her to travel to luxurious studios. She can do commentary from anywhere with a TV hook-up, which is anywhere. More power to her. See also

Dear menckenlite:
I do want to thank you for your comment, even though we have different views.

I know there has been a lot of spin about the russia comment, but I wanted to make sure you and others can see the actual interviews in which Ms. Palin suggested that her credentials to serve as Vice President were related to Alaska's proximity to Russia, which SNL did lampoon. Here are the two videos that document, in her own words, this suggestion. I hope you will find them useful.

1) Original comment she made in her interview with Charles Osgood:
2) Effort to clarify her comment in her interview with Katie Couric:

Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy