Secret Money Abounds in Health Reform Fight

Reporter Dan Eggen quotes CMD in a review of how special interests have attempted to influence health reform: "It's sort of like money-laundering their PR," said Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, the group that operates "A lot of these groups are heavily funded by corporations and then don't reveal it. They try to imply that they are funded primarily by individuals, but that's clearly not the case." As Eggen notes, interest groups working to influence health reform legislation have jointly contributed a record $200 million to advertising campaigns to sway lawmakers, but figuring out just who these groups represent is often tricky. Many purposely adopt names that obscure their origins, and the law requires they only reveal minimal information, like overall revenue and expenses. Support for these groups is coming from industries with a financial stake in the debate, unions or charitable foundations with a political bent, helping enrich previously obscure groups. The Institute for Liberty, for example, was previously a one-man operation that in 2008 pulled in under $25,000 in revenue and had only a post office box. Now it operates out of a downtown D.C. office and is running a $1 million anti-health care reform advocacy campaign. The group's president, Andrew Langer, refused to offer any information about the group's leap in funding. The Parternship to Improve Patient Care was created by the drug industry in 2008 to oppose medical effectiveness studies that might help determine what health insurance companies must cover. The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest is an offshoot of the Pacific Research Institute, which has taken money from Philip Morris, Pfizer, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). The anti-government group Americans for Prosperity, that was instrumental in organizing the raucus "tea party protests," has been connected with the conservative Koch Family, owners of the largest private energy company in the U.S Click on this next link to see who else makes up the Tea Party movement .


So where is the analysis of the anti-American perks going to all the Democrat players? Every one of these perks does nothing to improve the health of Americans, except the financial health of those politically connected, and adds hundreds of millions of dollars of debt to the over $1.3 trilliion ( $1,300,000,000,000) this boondoggle will add to the national debt.

You ask where is the criticism of Ds who've been too cozy with the industry along with the Rs who've locked arms with the wall street insurance biz. Here's one of many examples of our critiques: