Tell the Washington Post "No More Fake News"

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Here is text of the petition:

To: Andy Alexander, Washington Post Ombud

Re: No More Fake News Stories

We are writing to object to the Washington Post's decision to allow a fake "news" story written by a group funded by a billionaire opposed to Social Security to be passed off as "news" and its decision to outsource reporting of these issues to such a group.

It was inappropriate for the Post to print a so-called "news" article composed by the Fiscal Times, which is funded by anti-Social Security activist Peter G. Peterson, as "news" about support for spending cuts long sought by this funder. The failure to disclose that bias and instead suggest that this source is "independent" was unethical. The Fiscal Times is not an "independent" news service as mentioned by the Post.

We object to your publishing this fake news. And we urge you to ensure that the Post has a policy to prevent it from publishing any more fake "news articles" composed by outside groups, like the Fiscal Times, funded by special interests as "news."

The Post has no business basically taking dictation from Peter G. Peterson as part of this new outsourcing "partnership"; your paper should be more than the scrivener of his agenda, passed off as "independent" and as "news." We expect better from Washington's paper of record and, as Ombud, you should insist on it.

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