Thank You for Saying "No More Fake News!"

Thank you for telling the Washington Post "no more fake news!"

We expect journalism's leading papers to report their own stories and not pass off canned "news" written by obviously biased sources as "news."

We'll deliver this petition to the Washington Post's ombud and let you know of any response we get.

Please share this link to our petition with your friends.

You can also click these hotlinks to our SourceWatch website to learn more about Nixon crony Peter G. Peterson and the bias of the Fiscal Times, and you can help add documentation to these entries.

Thank you again for joining us in taking a stand against fake news.

--Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy



My longstanding faith in the journalistic integrity of the Washington Post is being severely undermined by the idea that you would outsource news on such a vital topic to such a partisan view that has such a strong underlying ideology. This is against all the principles of principled journalism! How the might have fallen/are falling - unless you promptly interrupt this clandestinely-corrupt arrangement!