Conservative Transparency for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Conservative Transparency is a new website from the Media Matters Action Network of Media Matters for America. Although it is partisan, it serves as an excellent complement to the Front Groups portal and astroturf information on CMD's SourceWatch website. According to the Washington Post, Conservative Transparency "uses Internal Revenue Service filings to track the major financial backers and beneficiaries of conservative activist groups. ... For example, the Web site's listing for FreedomWorks Inc., which has helped organize anti-tax and anti-health reform protests, shows the group brought in more than $4 million in 2007, much of it from wealthy conservative donors such as the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The Web site is unequivocally liberal, taking aim only at conservative organizations." Conservative Transparency is actually not as new as it seems; it is the successor to Media Transparency which Media Matters Action Network acquired from the Minneapolis-based Cursor.Org in late 2008.