New Oil and Coal Fronts Greenwash Global Warming

Television ads from a new Montana-based group called CO2 Is Green claim: "There is no scientific evidence that CO2 [carbon dioxide] is a pollutant. In fact higher CO2 levels than we have today would help the Earth's ecosystems." The ads urge voters to contact their Senators and Representative, "and remind them CO2 is not pollution." The ads are meant to stoke opposition to climate change legislation. Not surprisingly, the man behind the ads, the lobbying group CO2 Is Green and a related "educational" group called Plants Need CO2 is "a veteran oil industry executive." H. Leighton Steward was a director at EOG Resources, which was previously named the Enron Oil and Gas Company, and is an honorary director of the American Petroleum Institute. "Now retired, [Steward] says he wants to 'get the message out there' that carbon dioxide, which the Supreme Court has ruled a pollutant and which most [sic] scientists regard as a dangerous greenhouse gas, 'is a net benefit for the planet.'" Steward co-founded the new groups with Corbin J. Robertson Jr., the "chief executive of and leading shareholder in Natural Resource Partners, a Houston-based owner of coal resources."


it's about equilibrium, sherlock.

And (IMO) the more interesting individual behind these 2 orgs isn't Steward, it's Robertson, "said to own more coal through his various ventures than anyone outside of the U.S. government".

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The more I learn about Hunt Oil the more I realize how profoundly reactionary this company is. I've worked in oil for 30 years and Hunt is about the bottom of the barrel in respecting aboriginal rights, cooperating with the Bush regime and funding reactionary politics. They give the entire industry a black eye by living up to the worst things people expect of the oil industry.

CO2 shall be "REGULATED" as a pollutant. Neither is water a pollutant, but too much and you drown!

This is not rocket science