Duby-ous in Connecticut

Image from the PR videoA sponsored public relations video airing on cable stations in five Connecticut towns is drawing scrutiny. The video is structured like a news interview and is co-hosted by "one of the best known political reporters in the state," Duby McDowell. In the video, McDowell is identified as a "WFSB Political Analyst." While McDowell sometimes provides commentary on the television station WFSB-3, she also runs her own PR firm. The video was produced for a law firm that's one of McDowell's PR clients, and the interviewees are two of the firm's partners. McDowell admits that viewers might be confused about her role in the video, but added: "We have mentioned at the end that this is paid for by Shipman & Goodwin," the law firm. In the video, the lawyers discuss "a whopping $12.4 million jury verdict" in an eminent domain case that they won against the town of Branford. Branford is appealing the decision. During the PR video, one of the lawyers stresses that the appeal will result in additional costs for town residents. "We are certain to see property taxes rise," responds McDowell.