Blair Does a Bank Job

Former UK Prime Minister turned JPMorgan adviser, Tony Blair.Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has agreed to become a part-time adviser to the global financial services firm JPMorgan Chase where, the Financial Times reports, he "will use his experience and contacts to provide political and strategic advice to the US bank and participate in some client events." Blair resigned as leader of the parliamentary wing of British Labor Party in June 2007. While the fee for the position has not been disclosed, a New York recruitment firm suggested that it "was likely to be more than $1m (£500,000) a year." Blair stated that he was looking at accepting "a small handful" of similar positions with other companies. "I have always been interested in commerce and the impact of globalisation. Nowadays, the intersection between politics and the economy in different parts of the world, including the emerging markets, is very strong," he said.