My Own Private Idaho Poll

In Twin Falls, Idaho, an opponent of a proposed nuclear power plant is wondering who's polling local residents about nuclear energy. Last weekend, Peter Rickards was called by "a man who said he was conducting a survey about energy in Idaho. Most of the questions ... involved nuclear power and alluded to the Idaho Energy Complex, a controversial nuclear facility proposed by Virginia-based Alternate Energy Holdings" (AEH). Rickards "suspects AEH or its affiliates may have commissioned the survey to test the waters of public opinion as plans for the project move forward. ... The man who phoned Rickards said he didn't know who was paying for the questionnaire. The number on Rickards' caller ID belongs to a fax machine on a line in New York state." The Idaho Energy Complex, U.S. Nuclear Energy Institute, Idaho Public Utilities Commission, Snake River Alliance and Boise State University all say they aren't behind the poll.