David Horowitz Not Quite the Freedom Fighter He Claims to Be

"David Horowitz," Rick Perlstein writes at the Campaign for America's Future blog, "recently relayed to me the happy news that his David Horowitz Freedom Center had received a 'request from the head the FBI-California Highway Patrol Joint Counter-terrorism Task Force who called this week to ask if their group could use our flash video What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad as a training film.'" The problem, Perlstein points out, is that he received a statement from the task force that: "The California Highway Patrol's head of the FBI-California Highway Patrol, Joint Terrorism Task Force did not request a copy of the video. While an employee of this Department did request a copy, the video was not used nor will it be used for training purposes." This and other grand claims by the Marxist-turned-Right Wing Crusader can be found on the SourceWatch article, to which you can add more information. In the meantime, decide for yourself if the FBI-CHiP Joint Terrorism Task Force is missing out on vital intel by watching Horowitz's movie.