Rick Berman Gets His 60 Minutes of Fame

PR maven Rick Berman, the right-wing lobbyist who has made a lucrative career of starting and managing industry-funded front groups such as Center for Consumer Freedom and ActivistCash.com, gets a CBS 60 Minutes work-up this weekend. A teaser piece on the CBSNews.com website says, this 'Dr. Evil' "doesn't disappear when movie credits roll. He's a constant gadfly to other lobbyists and do-gooders who label him evil for taking money from corporations to fight causes like animal rights, healthy food, labor unions — even Mothers Against Drunk Driving." Berman excels at turning puffy media attention into ever more business from his secret clients in the fast food, booze, tobacco, drug and other industries, providing him with millions of dollars a year to front for their interests.


I was disgusted with both Berman and Jacobson! Surprise! Berman is full of it when he says obesity is a lifestyle choice. Body size is by and large genetic, and even when it is a product of environmental/genetic interaction, it is not completely within the control of an individuals willpower. Jacobson is wrong that it is a killer "disease." We are living longer than ever! (And creating a whole new problem of too many seniors and not enough young people.) Since I believe we are at the brink of disaster due to REAL problems, global warming, bees disappering etc. I have stopped pulling my punches. Berman and Jacobson should both shut up about obesity because they both have their own motives for capitalizing on the issue. Berman is just in it for the bucks, Jacobson wants to exploit the issue against mocern cooperate America. Both spew ignorance, contribute to stereotypes and increase the stigma! And btw, neither one of them is REMOTELY attractive enouch to make any comments on anyone's appearance whatsoever!