Anxious About Greens

Public relations consultant Alan Caruba, who runs the anti-environmentalist "National Anxiety Center," is anxious about the upcoming switch to Democratic Party control of the U.S. Congress, which he says "will pose the greatest challenge business and industry in America has faced since the days of the Clinton administration." Caruba is calling on corporate America to rally against what he calls the "global warming hoax" and other environmental initiatives. "The many corporate public relations professionals and agencies that provide services and counseling need to be on the front lines of a critical battle against the imposition of the bogus Kyoto Protocol on America," he writes.


It would only be fair, when Corp-Propagandists such as this Alan Caruba are found in complete error, to recall the old tried and true reward, ample tar (hot) and feather's routine.
It does not seem fair that these people, like the liars (cabal) of the Bush-Admin who were found afterward in deep error, that the same SOB are then promoted to higher paying job's (paid for by US tax payers).