Berman's Center for Union Smears Hits TV Screens

Center for Union 'Facts' TV adThe new industry-funded front group from lobbyist Rick Berman, the Center for Union Facts, has launched its first TV ad campaign. The 30-second spot, running on Fox News and local markets, has "actors posing as workers" saying "sarcastically what they 'love' about unions," like paying dues, union leaders' "fat-cat lifestyles," and discrimination against minorities. The ad campaign cost $3 million, which was raised "from companies, foundations and individuals that Mr. Berman won't identify." Another TV ad will be filmed in June. Labor and economics professor Harley Shaiken said the effort "to create an antiunion atmosphere" more generally, as opposed to business-funded ads against a particular union organizing drive or strike, "is a new wrinkle." Needless to say, an AFL-CIO spokesperson called the ad's accusations "unfounded and outrageous."


I think the fact that Berman couldn't find a *single* real, live union member to stand up in his ad is telling. Across the entire country, with millions of dollars to spend, and they couldn't find anyone to mouth their attacks who was actually in a union. Hah.

I wonder what Berman is going to do at the end of his life when he has to account for all he has done? How does a conscience reconcile
misleading the public about global warming and contributing to the
demise of the human species. Or smearing the few avenues of power
left to the little people, like labor unions. Can this creep
possibly be motivated only by money and power? Does he have some
deep seated inferiority complex that compells him to be "successful" at all costs. Does he have misanthropic tendancies that causes him to secretly delight in screwing humanity? Are the conspiracy theoriest right? Maybe someone somewhere has pictures of him in a compromising photo with a donkey and evil forces are keeping him enslaved. I truly do not get a person like this. When I think of the most dedicated union member I know, a firefighter who does more in an hour for his fellow man than Berman has done in his whole life, I don't see how they both can be considered in the same species. (Not to mention the firefighter is a whole lot cuter than Berman!)
*#@%^ But this man and his whole corporate cabal are a drain on humanity!!!!! May they be the first to melt in global warming!!!!