An Inclusive Approach to Fake Radio News

The PR firm NovoMedia "has launched a radio news release service that will focus on the African American market," reports PR Week. NovoMedia president David Henry "said in doing work for the Hispanic market, he recognized a need for the same types of services in the African American market." African Americans have $723 billion in buying power, and 90 percent of Black adults listen to the radio on a weekly basis, according to market research. Henry believes "most corporations are behind the ball in reaching out to" African Americans. He called radio the perfect way to target them, since "the African American market is going to be looking at a lot of the same television shows as everyone," while certain radio programs "have a predominantly African American audience and topics that are obviously germane to the audience." Fake radio news, or audio news releases, have not attracted the level of scrutiny that their TV cousins, video news releases, have.