The Big Picture

As the indictments stemming from Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation are revealed, several columnists and bloggers have been keeping the larger context of the Plame leak in view. Laura Rozen writes at War and Piece, "the Vice President's office was leading an all-out propaganda war - every bit as choreographed as the pre-war propaganda campaign by the same officials - to blame the CIA for the fact that there weren't any WMD to be found in Iraq after all, and the chief stated reason for the war was collapsing. And it enlisted not just leaks to reporters about Valerie Plame to conduct that war against the CIA. It also enlisted key Republican officials in Congress, to buck up its narrative, and literally divert attention from the role of the White House and executive branch offices in citing truly dubious Iraq intelligence - some, including the Niger yellowcake claims, not supported by the intelligence community at all. And Congress so far has gone along."


Dear Anonymous:
That is one of the silliest, most baseless assertions I have heard in a long while.
Best of luck to you.

Oh really, well, you have removed items related to CIA drug smugling, but before you did, I downloaded the pages, so I can prove it. And your site was down for days, this is not the first time this has happened....
Here is a list of CIA CONFIRMED drug front companies;
Hunter Douglas
Vertilux (Mossad also)
Rockland Industries
Integra Fabrics
Kasmir Fabrics
Westgate Fabrics
Maxwell & Morgan, Attorneys
Ogletree, Deakins, & Smoak Attorneys
Ta Chen Pipe
Murray Goldenberg Textiles (Mossad also)
American Tecnical Solutions (ATSI)
Richards & Polansky Attorneys
The Church of the Lstter Day Saints also known as Mormon Church
Sidney J. Zabludoff (the boss of bosses)
to name a few, more to follow....

The individual, Geral Sosbee, who runs it lives in Texas, the heart of the CIA's drug operations....

I know that this GOOD congresswoman and Judge Roll both were present at a meeting in Tucson, with a confidential informant who has extensive information about the CIA’s drug smuggling operations in Arizona. Both Gabby Giffords and Judge Roll were intent about doing something about the CIA’s drugs. Look what they got in return for their good deeds…. This shooting was a hired hit.

There is a law firm in Mesa, Arizona known as Morgan & Maxwell. They are classified by an Executive Order by the CIA. They run drugs and launder money through over 600 Home Owners Associations in AZ. They are being sued for their many criminal acts. They are also foreclosing on peoples homes and buying them very cheap under fake names, such as Action Aquisitions. Many of these homes are now owned by Deutsche Bank, a known CIA, BUSH CRIME FAMILY Money outfit. Mr. Charles Maxwell, is LDS Mormon, as is the other people? in his law firm. Not surprising, the us intell agencies recruit heavily in the Mormon Church.
This is important that the public knows this, that a CIA supported NAZI bank is taking over our homes!!!!!