Cosmetics Companies Push Pink

The pink ribbon has become a symbol for breast cancer charities

"October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and beauty companies are once again selling pink-ribbon products ... all of which earmark some of the purchase price for breast cancer charities," the New York Times reports. "While a few lose money on pink-ribbon products, they still profit, market researchers say, from the consumer good will and loyalty that their giving inspires." But not all women's health advocates are tickled with the results. Helen Lynn of the UK-based Women's Environmental Network told the London Telegraph that the pink ribbon has become a "blindfold" against the cancer risks associated with some cosmetics ingredients. Breast Cancer Action, a San Francisco-based group, has launched a "Think Before You Pink" campaign, urging consumers to ask "some critical questions before opening your wallet for these marketing campaigns: How much money goes to the cause? What is it supporting? How is it being raised? And will it truly affect the fight against breast cancer?"