Lobbyists Without Borders

The "high-stakes public-relations campaign" the Chinese state-controlled oil and gas company CNOOC launched "to focus its bid for U.S. energy producer Unocal on shareholder value and away from politics" has hit a snag. Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va.) sent a "strongly worded letter" to Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld, expressing dismay that they're representing CNOOC. "During the presidency of Ronald Reagan, no major law firm or lobbying organization would have represented the Soviet Union if it had tried to take over an American oil company," Wolf wrote. Akin Gump responded that lawmakers "should not be surprised" by its CNOOC work. In addition, Wolf is concerned that Bush intelligence adviser and Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board chair James Langdon "reportedly helped Akin Gump - where he also works as an energy lawyer - land the lobbying job for CNOOC." CNOOC has retained Public Strategies Inc., for its "general media plan."


go to archives of c-span and hear the 2nd in command under bush's father set up this company it's an aei lecture you know the same group that brought you the war in iraq the man also wrote a book called 'china hands' the irony drips from this in that this guy was rockefellers oil salesman in pre1940's china. All this garantees that this will sail thru sec or anybody seeking to stop it. also the guy says how this is the blueprint for development of mainland china and that this could lead to the economic expansion of the chinese economy all this says is sellout of our jobs for profit for elite bankers and financiers with no vote for you and I.