The Sleuths of Spin

Bill Berkowitz writes that the Center for Media and Democracy's "sleuths of spin John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton have exposed how corporate shills and government spokespersons manipulate the media and undermine democracy for more than a decade," and are now "setting about an ambitious - yet necessary - undertaking: reinventing journalism." Berkowitz interviews Center founder Stauber about recent media scandals involving PR, payola, and fake journalists. They also discuss SourceWatch, "an information source that is truly 'of, by and for the people,'" and other ways the Center works to further media democracy.



Confined Animal Feeding Operations have become a bio-hazard in the southern part of Idaho. After beginning my reading of "Mad Cow U.S.A." I began to panic, then I began to get into action against this diabolical collaboration between our 'citizen legislators' and the dairy/beef industry. I have helped form a little group to meet other groups to fight the growth of this deadly kinship. Thanks to you I have become the number one activist in our area and have been threatened by the Idaho Dairymen's Ass. and don't really care. I have a beat up car to take and that is all. I will give it to them gladly. It won't stop me and a few other dedicated peopl;e.