Armstrong Williams In Context

"Massively financed by, first private, and now public dollars, the campaign to create the perception of an alternative, conservative Black 'leadership' is on the march in all regions of the nation," writes the Black Commentator in an article titled "Bribes + Vouchers = Black Bush Supporters." The article shows how "black leaders" who recently posted for a photo op with Bush were the recipients of millions of dollars in funding from right-wing foundations as well as from government programs launched by the Bush administration. "The Republicans need only a few Black faces to fill up a room, or a television screen, and only a modest number of Black congregations to demonstrate newfound credibility in the community," the article observes. "They can achieve this at literally no cost, since faith-based and voucher advocacy ('public education') grants are paid for with tax dollars – public money. ... For every outraged Black preacher howling that he’s giving up on the Democrats because of the gays, there is a check or the promise of a check."