Another Award for Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly, who famously falsely claimed to be the winner of two Peabody Awards, has finally won something for real -- top spot on's list of "the 20 most annoying conservatives of 2003." According to Pandagon webmasters Ezra Klein and Jesse Taylor, O'Reilly "had a hard time getting on this list. I mean, if you take away the 'wetback' commentary, and the 'joke' that a black boys choir was out in the parking lot stealing hubcaps, and the lawsuit against Al Franken, and the embarassing performance at the C-SPAN Book News conference, and the threatening to beat up the son of a 9/11 victim, and the lying about where he grew up, and the whole Peabody Awards thing, and the false 'Fair and Balanced' promise, and the fact that he's a grade-A asshole that most conservatives don't like, and the insistence that anyone who doesn't appear on his show is afraid of him, and the faux-everyman demeanor, and the continuing jihads against Jesse Jackson, rap music, George Clooney, Al Franken, the United Way, Europe, Hollywood, Bill Moyers, the entire American left, Canada and PepsiCola, AND that he lies constantly about being a conservative...well, he still belongs on the list, actually."