Jessica Lynch Proves Her Courage & Integrity

Buzzflash editorializes, "So this, in summary, is what happened: The Bush Cartel Ministry of Truth heard that a young blonde female soldier was severely injured and they made up a heroic story about her, as part of their ongoing Iraq-war attempt to manipulate American public opinion. And what does Jessica Lynch do? She has the nerve to toss out the script the propagandists wrote for her. She has the audacity to speak for herself. She has the American heartland respect for the truth. She became a hero, in an entirely different role than the Bush Cartel wrote for her. Jessica Lynch, the young woman who joined the army after she was turned down for a position at Wal-Mart has something no one else in the Bush Cartel has -- or anyone in the fawning corporate media -- or anyone of the braying 'amen choir' of millionaire GOP television and radio pundits: Jessica Lynch has integrity."