Global Warming Called 'Hoax' By Senator

George W. Bush's White House has been charged repeatedly with using its influence to undermine environmental protection. The Senate confirmation hearing on Bush's nomination of Utah Governor Michael Leavitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency provided another forum for scrutinizing Bush's environmental record, according to the New York Times. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chair James Inhofe (R-OK) firmly denied environmentalists' claims as baseless, at one point saying the concept of global warming "could be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," the Times reports. The same day the Times reported on the disintegration of an ancient Arctic ice shelf. "[Researchers] said it was not yet possible to say whether the melting was related to rising atmospheric concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases from human activities. But they added that the breakup was just one of many signs of enormous climate shifts in the Arctic that merited careful monitoring," the Times reports.


They've lied from the beginning and they're lying still.

Posted by Islandsox:

Did anyone else see this? In California, Scientists miscalculated global warming by 360%. I saw the interviews on Fox today about it, but can't find links yet (imagine that!). Seems California has been lied to by environmentalists and now scientists are saying that is true. And California has so many environmental laws based on this 360% error. The scientists that were interviewed say that the entire plan was for a totalitarian environmental control. If you find links, please post them. This could be the start of the fall of the dominoes.