Don't Call Us Toxic, Call Us "CropLife America"

The seventy-eight chemical companies that manufacturer, sell and promote the ocean of agricultural poisons poured on crops in the U.S. each year have yet another new name for their U.S. lobby and trade group. As of the new year they are to be called "CropLife America." According to their news release, " ' This is more than just a name change, it's a change in the way we think about our industry and its positive contributions to society,' said James C. Borel, (of) DuPont Agriculture and Nutrition. 'CropLife America will reflect our industry's multiple technologies, including ... biotechnology and ... chemicals.' ... CropLife America was founded in 1933 as the Agricultural Insecticide and Fungicide Association. In 1949, the name was changed to the National Agricultural Chemicals Association and in 1994 it was changed to American Crop Protection Association."